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Technical Support

Guerra Architects has a comprehensive technical team that can fulfill any needs of our clients. With years of experience and complete exposure to VR architecture design, we can assure that our specifications and plan designs will always meet the required standards for architecture. We collaborate with developers, marketing teams and general contractors to create a well thought architectural and engineering solutions


We are proud to announce that we provide system budget estimating, construction management, specification writing, plan checking, CAD drawings, and inspection services. This is not the end here, we also include drafting services of floor plans, wall elevations, system single lines, and installation details. Our technical support team can easily articulate technology requirements into clear, concise standards and specifications.


Our technical support is provided in architectural needs, interior designing, visualization, and outsourcing. Specialists at Guerra Architects can understand building systems based on the sketches, to integrate all the technical details into design drafts. Plans by third-party contractors are also closely viewed by our skilled technologists and ensure that technical details of elevators, AC systems, technology wiring are also included in the overall drafting details.


Our excellent technical knowledge in 3D printing means that you never have to worry about converting your designs into 3D printing files. Our technical team collaborates with engineers and CAD designers to create STL files for 3D printing and real-world models. When it comes to 3D architectural rendering services, our technical support team provides a helping hand to engineers in technical 3D renderings of electrical, mechanical, and other key systems.

428 deck as built.png

Support in 2D drafting:


With good knowledge of architecture, prototyping, product design, and manufacturing; we can speed up the process of CAD designing.

Support in MEP drawings:


To help sub-contractors and third parties, our team assists in detailed MEP drawings of electrical and plumbing fittings.


Revision of construction drawings:


Guerra Architects’ technical team will do the necessary amendments based on the feedback of the drawings.

Guerra Architects’ ultimate goal is to serve clients with the highest possible quality and solutions. We have the skilled technical support team who represents a range of expertise with exceptional services without any second thought on the size or the complexity of the project. All the team members are trained with up-to-date workstations and software. To get the advantage of our services, contact our technical support team, and get the best of the construction drafting, electrical, and mechanical design drafting as well.

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