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Possible impacts of Covid-19 to Architecture

The new norm due to Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in new needs and requirements in our personal and working spaces which could change spatial planning in architecture. The following are some possible impacts that could affect architecture:

Natural Ventilation will now be highly considered in space planning. Cross Ventilation, the Chimney Effect and other concepts of natural ventilation will be more visible and incorporated in the design.

Occupancy Rate or the maximum numbers of persons per area unit will also be affected due to the possible increase in required area per person inside a typical building and rooms. As cubicles and compartmentalization to maintain social distancing is needed, the allowances of area on “square meter per person” basis is also going to increase.

Design Brief might no longer be the same as usual. Clients will start to require home offices, home libraries or even smart home to ensure good WiFi connectivity. Local authorities might also require wide open spaces on each floors in hotels, condominiums and apartments. Aisle shops in malls may no longer be allowed to ensure wide corridors and maintain social distancing.

Utilities might also be affected such us light switches, lift buttons, and others. Since Covid-19 can be transmitted through contaminated objects and surfaces, the demand for contact-less sensors or even face recognition will dramatically increase. Many new contact-less architectural products such as door knobs, toilet ware, and fittings could also emerge in the market. The new norm will require the architects, designers and planners to face these possible impacts of Covid-19 to architecture, at the same time maintain design, time and cost efficiency. Visit www.guerra-architects.com

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